North Captiva Island History and Island information


Until 1921 the island was part of Sanibel-Captiva. On October 25, 1921, a fierce hurricane cut the larger island in two, creating what is now Redfish Pass - and North Captiva was born.


To this day, the area remains in an unspoiled state since no bridge connects the island with the mainland.

For nearly 2,000 years, North Captiva Island was inhabited by the Calusa Indians. They thrived on the island's abundant natural resources. Undisturbed through time, their numbers grew until Spanish conquistadors discovered their island paradise. The conquistadors nearly wiped out the entire Calusa population in a series of battles and enslaved the remaining few in Cuban prison camps, where they eventually died.



Pirates began using the island to repair their ships and also to imprison female captives; Therefore, the island was named Captiva. Today, however, North Captiva is the home to many regular visitors and residents alike - all drawn by her natural beauty and unspoiled island atmosphere.


Around 1970, it became obvious that North Captiva was destined to follow the path of the highly developed barrier islands to the north and south. With a potential build-out of 4,500 dwellings, the special and unique island ambience of North Captiva would surely be lost forever.


However, in 1975 the state of Florida acquired six parcels of land totaling over 350 acres - almost half of the entire island. This timely acquisition came under the environmentally endangered land program, a swift and direct move to preserve this priceless resource from rampant over-development. Today, there are about 400 dwellings and about 50 year-round residents on North Captiva Island- composed of seven subdivisions at the north end of the island and one at the southern end - with an anticipated total build-out of approximately 450 homes.


Having witnessed the rapid urbanization of other parts of the state, those who love North Captiva are making every effort to ensure that the island's natural beauty is preserved and protected and that growth is kept in balance with the sensitivities of the environment.


North Captiva Island is one of the few places left where a man can live in complete harmony with nature. This unique island paradise isnnot for everybody. But then, it was never intended to be. It is said that the stars shine differently over North Captiva. It's definitely a place where you can forget about time and any worries you left behind on the mainland. When you come to our island, be sure to pack your imagination and sense of adventure so that you'll be fully prepared to partake in the island's mystique.

 North Captiva is a place where there are no worries, no hurries, no problems. Privacy, seclusion and nature are a way of life here as there are no paved roads or cars. Golf carts and bikes are the only means of transportation. You'll also find an island that abounds with wild life and tropical foliage and fishing that is beyond your imagination. North Captiva is bordered by Pine Island Sound and the Gulf of Mexico. North Captiva is approximately 700 acres in total but the majority of land is being preserved as a wildlife sanctuary. North Captiva Island is approximately 4 1/2 miles long and 1/2 mile across at its widest. Development is very limited. There are 3 restaurants, 2 gift stores,  2 general stores, ice cream shop and rental facility for water sports.





Island Dining

The main restaurant on North Captiva Island is Barnacle Phil's. This is a very casual restaurant with inside and outside dining. The menu features a variety of foods, guaranteed to satisfy everyone's taste buds. Over the Water is Safety Harbor Clubs private restaurant and reservations are preferred.

The other restaurant available on North Captiva Island is the Mango Island Cafe.

*Publix Grocery Store at Coral Shores will prepare a grocery order for you. Fax them your order, time of arrival, credit card # and expiration date. Fax Publix at 239-282-5533 , then call them at 239-282-5515 to confirm receipt of order.*

*Publix at Coral Shores is located at the address below*

Store No. 1007

3015 Pine Island Rd., S.W,

Cape Coral, FL 33991

*There is also a grocery store / deli located on the island that is available to all island goers.*

*There are also two gift stores located on the island.*

Safety Harbor Club Amenities



Tennis Courts




Please visit the official Safety Harbor Club Website for more information.



North Captiva Island is well known for its gorgeous white sand beaches and shelling. There are approximately 5 miles of beaches on North Captiva Island. You can walk for miles without seeing any sign of civilization, only yourself and the footprints you leave in the sand.


North Captiva Island boasts the best shelling in North America! Thousands of gorgeous shells can be found on the island.


Although partially developed, most of the island remains a State Wilderness Preserve. This means that only the north end of the island has homes, the rest is all untouched, all natural tropical beauty. This also means that in the residential north end, building codes are very strict. There are no high rises, no resorts, and no tourist destinations. There are also no paved roads and no cars. Electric powered golf carts and bicycles are the only means of transportation around the island. Upon visiting North Captiva, you will find that privacy, seclusion, and nature are the way of life on this island.


The weather on North Captiva Island is like no other you have ever experienced. Bright sunshine, and bright blue skies are all that can be seen for miles, along with palm trees, of course.






All of these airports are north or east of the island. Many people choose to travel via this route because airfare deals often make it worth while. If you do choose to travel via one of the above airports, you would arrive approximately two (2) hours away from the island (depending upon the airport you choose) and have to rent a car and drive the rest of the way. Airport shuttle, taxi, and limousine services are also available in addition to renting a car.

Directions from Southwest Florida International Airport:

Take I-75 North to Exit 26 (Pine Island Road or Route 78)

Follow Pine Island Road 20 miles West, through Matlacha to the stop sign (Stringfellow Rd)

Turn right on Stringfellow Road and you'll be headed North about 3 miles.

Turn left on Pineland Road - you'll pass the Mango plantation - and follow Pineland road about 1 mile - Pineland Marina will be on your left.

Reservations are necessary for transportation services.

Sanibel Captiva Airport Shuttle - 800-833-4473

Classic Carriage - 239-283-5000

Pine Island Taxi - 239-283-7777

Majestic Airport Transportation - 800-833-4473

Reservations for the water taxi are necessary too!!

Island Girl Charters - 239-633-8142,




14862 Crescent Cove Dr.

Fort Myers, FL 33908